VIRTUOSO • Keynote / Concert


“Discover the power of Virtuosity”

Virtuoso is a conference/concert which teaches us three necessary elements to become virtuous in what we do. With a grand piano on the stage, the speaker explores the attributes which characterize great musicians and how these attributes can be applied in our everyday lives.

“If virtuosos exist in the world of music, why can´t virtuosos exist in the corporate world?”

Keynote can be delivered in English or Spanish.

Felipe explores the way in which individuals, teams and organizations can reach true levels of excellence by embracing the attributes of musical virtuosos.


Great musicians master their instruments, through the use of method. Their discipline and dedication to study, learn and practice, transforms the instrument into almost an extension of their bodies. In the same way and in different contexts, through the use of method we can acquire, in an organized and defined way, the necessary knowledge to “interpret” our tasks with excellence and master our “instruments”.

By developing routines to help us learn and practice, we are able to perform better in what we do, every time.


With the correct attitude, musicians are able to connect with their audiences – a fundamental factor which allows some to reach virtuosity and perform in world – class concerts. For a musician, it is clear and obvious who their audience is but in the corporate world – who is our audience? Our clients, employees and suppliers? Our Community? Press? In our personal lives – is our partner our audience? Are our children and/or friends our audience?

The ability to define and adopt the correct attitude in order to generate the right connection with our audience is fundamental in becoming true virtuosos in everything we do in life.


When one hears Ray Charles sing or listens to Itzhac Perlman play the violin; one witnesses the profound passion and love these musicians feel interpreting their music. This passion and love, generates emotions within the audience, establishing an emotional bond with the music they interpret. In the same way, in our daily lives, if we feel passion and love for what we do in our homes and in our work place, we will be able to establish emotional links with those who interact with us.



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