Attitude E • The Book

Soon in a bookstore near you.

The idea of writing a book came about, from people´s positive reactions after hearing my keynotes. When they heard I hadn´t written a book, they reacted with a mixture of frustration and enthusiasm saying – “You should write one!”

Many personal and professional experiences prevented me from starting to write my book, until finally, I had the courage to sit down and begin.

My book is a result of a lot of effort, which I share with love and humility, hoping it will help readers question many aspects of their personal and professional lives, allowing them to realize the enormous power of entrepreneurship. I am certain that in the minds and souls of many, there are dreams to be fulfilled.

Some of these dreams include, becoming a better person; others have the ambition to bring up, strengthen or save their families; others dream about advancing in their professional lives or start up a new business. Some may have the ambition to help others and believe in their spirituality, regardless of their convictions or beliefs. I am certain, that there is a constant internal battle between the wish of fulfilling these dreams and the fear of working towards them, which in the end, determines the dreams that come true and those which remain as thoughts or ideas.

For information about the launch of the book or to order a copy please email[email protected]