ATTITUDE-E • Keynote

In just one hour, unleash your team’s full potential

The Attitude-E keynote, presents a simple but powerful framework that awakens the entrepreneurial spirit in individuals, teams, companies, governments and communities.

The keynote can be delivered in English or in Spanish.

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Attitude-E introduces six attributes which are essential in building an entrepreneurial attitude. Those who work diligently and systematically on the six attributes will achieve extraordinary results.

The ability to articulate and clearly define the vision and the objectives of any proposed project, is fundamental in order to achieve its success.


A vision without energy is an unobtainable dream. An action without vision is nonsense. A vision with action can change the world.


The ability to accept difficulties wholeheartedly, is part of the road to success. One does not have to fear failure but instead, the inability to learn from it.


No individual has excelled in his/her field on their own. Each outstanding individual, team or company has experience working in a team.


On a daily basis, we have to make an effort to think outside of the box, to break down paradigms and to be innovative in what we do.


Acting with love in the service for others, turns the ordinary to extraordinary.



Attitude-E in Action

Attitude-E in TED [in spanish]