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  • Ken Blanchard

    A good attitude can rise above all barriers—language, culture, age, gender, and more. When you read Actitud-E by Felipe Gomez, you will be inspired by his studies of well-known people whose positive attitudes have enabled them to triumph over adversity. You’ll also be motivated by Felipe’s personal stories of how his enthusiastic outlook and his belief in the power of dreams have improved his life from the time he was a child. Remember: you can’t control everything that happens to you—but you can control your attitude. Read this book, adjust your attitude, and start dreaming big. You may be surprised at the wonderful things that will happen!

    Ken Blanchard
  • Eduardo Braun

    Felipe represents a very unique blend of a thought leader, a humanist, a true artist, a restless doer, persistent and determined. He effectively spreads his view of the world and helps us identify the place we have to improve it. And the key, obviously, is “attitude”, a powerful decision to build what seams to be impposible. Felipe is an experienced speaker who conjures an outstanding multimedia experience that brings the audience to their feet, grateful for his simple but powerful message that provides frameworks and insights to orchestrate transformational change starting tomorrow.


    Eduardo Braun
  • Bill George – Author Authentic Leadership

    “Felipe Gomez is a dynamic speaker who entralls audiences with his powerful messages.He is funny and creative, and has a great capacity to use multi-media to en liven hispresentations.”

    Bill George – Author Authentic Leadership
  • Kenneth Mendiwelson – Refinancia

    “Felipe surprised us with inspiring stories that touched our souls. The enthusiasm and passion with which Felipe delivered his keynote had a contagious effect. All participants came out full of Attitude-E. Congratulations!”

    Kenneth Mendiwelson – Refinancia
  • Mauricio Saldarriaga | Inverlink

    “… it goes well beyond the limiting common idea that entrepreneurs are exclusively those who create companies…”

    Mauricio Saldarriaga | Inverlink
  • Luis Alberto Botero | Alianza Team

    ” The content is outstanding but at the same time so simple. It conveys key learnings which I wish we had all learned since we were kids”.

    Luis Alberto Botero | Alianza Team
  • Alvaro Isaza – Renaissance Executive Forums

    “It was an amazing and uplifting keynote which has the great virtue of being built upon Felipe’s personal experience. I think it is very important for this message to reach every business leader so that a true entrepreneurial culture is nurtured in every organization”


    Alvaro Isaza – Renaissance Executive Forums
  • Alvaro Merino – IBM

    “Although I aknowledge that your presentation is relevant to any organization, it would have been very difficult for us to find a better match to our specific needs. I appreciate your time and the energy with which you delivered your keynote. I truly congratulate you for the quality of your presentation” 

    Alvaro Merino – IBM
  • Carlos Arturo Díaz – EPM

    “¡It was a real success! This was the unanimous conclusion from the 150 EPM leadership team members  who attended “Virtuoso”.  It is a true journey of self discovery and reflection that contributed in a very unique way to the leadership development of our team.” 

    Carlos Arturo Díaz – EPM