10 characteristics of people with Attitude – E

An important part of my journey of discovering the art of entrepreneurship has been, without a doubt, reflecting on my own life and experiences. From that exercise, coupled with reading many biographies about important entrepreneurs from different fields, I have been able to extract ideas, conclusions and would like to share my findings.

As one would expect, many traits, behaviors and common characteristics emerge from my analysis and are embedded in my Business Attitude model and in my book which I am in the process of completing.

The 10 most important common characteristics these entrepreneurs have are:

  1. They all have a special talent.
  2. They have a clear vision of what they want to achieve.
  3. They confront and overcome adversity with determination and view failure as an opportunity to learn.
  4. They have a clear action plan on how to reach their goals and review this action plan regularly.
  5. If they fail, they stand up again and continue trying.
  6. They know how to surround themselves well and are excellent team players.
  7. They are constantly questioning the status-quo, and are always looking for new answers to frequent or mundane questions.
  8. They challenge themselves on a daily basis, improving the way they do things every day.
  9. They have a greater purpose in life which almost always involves helping others.
  10. They are open, willing and ready to make the most of opportunities which come their way.

However, if I had to summarize in one sentence what these people have in common, I would say that, without an exception, they live their lives convinced that:

Every situation, no matter how good it is, is subject of being improved.

They are restless people who are not satisfied with the status-quo and who strive to be agents of change, improving or attempting to improve situations they face. This in essence, is a matter of attitude. Attitude – E.